What can I say in 1 bit?

While communicating using only 1 bit may sound restrictive, there are literally infinite possibilities to what you can express using only 1 bit. The following is list is just a small sample of what your 1 bit updates (or "beets") can represent:


  • 0 or 1
  • zero or one
  • i or what is this concept of zero you speak of?
  • black or white
  • absolutes or non-absolutes


  • 0ish or 1ish
  • gray or slightly different shade of gray


  • pirates or ninjas
  • bears or battlestar galactica


  • good or evil
  • heaven or hell
  • emacs or vi
  • gnome or KDE
  • light side of the force or dark side of the force
  • Kirk or Picard


  • to be or not to be


  • or or and


  • beer or speech
  • live free or die

Emotions / Dwarfs

  • Happy or Grumpy
  • Dopey or Bashful
  • Sneezy or Sleepy
  • Doc or Gimli

Work Status

  • working hard or hardly working


  • Hatfields or McCoys
  • Alexander Hamilton or Aaron Burr
  • b1tt0r or twitter


  • AD or BC
  • CE or BCE
  • April 2 - March 31 or April 1

What can't I say in 1 bit

While there are infinitely many things which can be expressed in a single bit, there are also some things which cannot be expressed in one bit. If you wish to discuss one of the following, you may need to use a tool other than b1tt0r:

  • the price of a shave and a haircut (2 bits)
  • the dimensions of Noah's ark (300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits)
  • the sound a frog makes (ribbit)