A note from our head council (OLINAL*)

As with all communications on the internet, the intellectual property (IP) of b1tt0r bitstreams is a key concern. While many social networking sites give you hollow assurances about the ownership of your content, only b1tt0r is able to uniquely protect you from that scourge of copyright holders: "Fair Use". The "Fair" Use doctrine allows freeloaders to reproduce "small" sections of your copywritten material for free.

What this means is that the more content you produce, the larger that "small" section becomes effectively giving away more of your hard work the more you work! Here at b1tt0r, we've found a way around so-called "Fair Use". By supporting only 1 bit content, we guarantee that no section of your work can be reproduced. And this isn't just some legal guarantee that some activist judge can overturn at their whim. The indivisibility of b1tt0r updates is guaranteed by information theory. Try overturning that!

* Disclaimer, Our Lawyer is not a Lawyer