Cornerstone The Band

Cornerstone's self-titled debut was where it all started. With a refreshing mix of original songs, covers, parodies, and cover art designed on a whiteboard in the middle of a late night of solving algorithms problems, this album is truly representative of Cornerstone's unique style. Originally recorded on a SparcStation 5 in 8-bit mono at 11 KHz, it lacks the refined sound of later albums, but the band's spirit shines through none the less.

"For me, hearing Cornerstone for the first time was an epiphany of sorts. Between catchy guitar riffs and powerful chord progressions they were able to preach the wonders of theoretical computer science. If it wasn't for Cornerstone, I might never of gotten interested in randomized algorithms or graph theory." - Bono, U2

"Cornerstone's first album definitely ranks among my all-time favorites. While they may not have said anything new about CS theory, they had a new way of saying it. Their riffs and harmonies framed their message better than any typesetting ever could." - Don Knuth

Cornerstone A Band

In the overwhelmingly popular re-release of their debut album a few edits were necessary due to intellectual property issues, but the band felt that the minor, hardly noticable changes outweighed the expense of actually hiring a lawyer.

"Cornerstone A Band sucks!" - Cornerstone The Band

Cornerstone Live at the Hollywood Bowl

Cornerstone's second album was plagued by disasters. Numerous guest artists backed out at the last minute, and the band was forced to get a relatively unknown Swedish keyboardist to accompany them. Tensions between band members were also growing. Things came to head with the writing of their indecisive classic, "P = NP, sort of". While things were tough for the band, many fans say the audible tension present throughout the album makes it their favorite.

"Who the hell is Cornerstone?" - Paul Simon

Cornerstone Returns Home

Release date: 4/26/2002
Cornerstone returns to their roots with a rare performance at their future alma matter. This once in a lifetime show will be recorded direct to DAT, and will be available immediately after the performance as well as from select resellers.

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